October 2013 Recap

See here for why all of a sudden I’m a slacker. In October, obviously the cruise trip was a big deal. I’m still going to continue writing about that, but it wasn’t the only thing that happened. Nolan continued going to Gymboree Play & Music classes.  He most enjoys the bubbles, musical instruments, and the freeze dance song!   Elise got a corneal abrasion when she stabbed herself in the eye with a silly straw.  She was fine once she {Read More}

Quick Update (Otherwise)

Even aside from school, we’ve been busy around here!  In the last few weeks we’ve closed on a house, moved, become landlords, traveled a few times, married off a sister/aunt, and tried to squeeze in the usual fun stuff like swimming and playing and the necessary stuff like eating and sleeping.  Here’s a bit more of what we’ve been doing… Playing at what would become our new (now current) house Pirate Doctor. What else? ER visit.  Sick baby, seems to {Read More}

Blog Updates

First, a photo here and there from a much larger number of events than I would like are being moved directly to the photo albums, because I simply can’t catch up around here, what with birthdays, and huge parties, and weddings, and leases, and mortgages, and moves.  Don’t forget to check them out while you’re waiting on me anyway… jenniferkaufman.zenfolio.com >> Family Snapspassword: chateaukaufman Second, and this is still being considered, I might be making this site private.  For whatever {Read More}

Oh, hey…

… did you know we went to Disney World in September?  Remember that?  Maybe I’ll start sharing some stuff from that trip.  It was, after all, the first in over a year and our son’s very first time ever.  No big deal. By the way, months ago – and I think I’ve mentioned this around here – I spent countless hours transferring all of our photos to a different site than picasa.  The whole change began when looking for a {Read More}


Ridgecrest is a retreat center in North Carolina that holds countless incredible memories for my family and me. So of course, when I saw this outfit knowing I had a baby boy in utero, I just had to have it. Only a few of you know how perfect it is, but you can all appreciate that the model is still cute since yesterday. 😉