Emotional Overflow – an attempted Explanation

Not too long ago, the girls were finishing watching a season finale of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic.  If you’ve got daughters or know any Bronies (google it if you must), you know the show is actually quite good, and it’s not terribly surprising that the writing could dig a little deeper even than just capturing the imagination of young viewers. It was a climactic moment, one in which Twilight Sparkle underwent a transformation and became an Alicorn and {Read More}

One of my favorite pictures. Ever.

PJs, workout clothes, bad hair (me).  Too busy/lazy to remove the color cast. No problem.  I’m overwhelmingly in love with my little family – the 3 kiddos here, and the man who took and shared such a picture without us knowing. Seriously, so undeserving.

Mommy-Daughters Date

Just before Christmas, I took the girls on a surprise outing.  They had a few guesses as to where we’d go, but considering they’d never done anything similar, they were unable to figure it out by the time we arrived. Once we got inside the salon though, they quickly figured out they were getting their nails painted “at a place like mommy does”!  They were excited to pick out colors and get started. They loved the color-changing “bubble bath” and {Read More}

Out of the Mouths…

Elise: “Mommy, Avery hurt my feelings! She actually hurt them so bad she bruke (broke, obv) them!”

Third Child

Wow… I’m watching some old videos of the girls this morning.  While I knew they had more photo and video, what I didn’t realize is how many more fun things they had access to (toys, foods, etc), and therefore how many more things they were able to explore and figure out by now.  Well, I suppose that’s only partially true.  I’m well aware that we went somewhere fun almost every day of the week when Elise and Avery were little, {Read More}

Library Babies

When Nolan was about four months old, I put in my calendar to make sure and start attending “Library Babies” at a local branch which happens to be right by the girls’ school. It is weekly from 11-11:15, so a squeeze but certainly doable. Fast-forward to today, when he’s seven-and-a-half months old. Nevermind that his big sisters had been regularly participating in a variety of classes since they were only 4.5-months-old, we *finally* made it to one. It was awful. {Read More}

Out of the Mouths

Elise: “Mommy, did Grandpa Charlie leave his phone in Ohio when he died?” “Aww, then he can’t tell us what Heaven looks like. Bummer!”