Congratulations, Cassi and Grant!

This is another overdue post… but at least it’s coming closer to the engagement date than the wedding date?  Small victories. On November 18th, my sister’s then-just-boyfriend had planned an elaborate proposal event and had asked many friends and family members to help make it happen.  A couple dozen of us arrived below the Roebling on the Kentucky side while the two of them went on an unassuming date. Despite having a complete “run-through” just 48 hours before, it turned {Read More}

Happy New Year!

Nolan’s 3-Month Shoot

So as you recall, I am picky about photographers… and “ours” is apparently gone.  So today, relatively on a whim, I shot Nolan’s 3-month portraits.  I’m really happy with them on their own.  In fact, I’m extremely happy with them considering I was terrified of what is some photographers’ least favorite age (until 18 months I’m assuming, when the subject just runs loose like a holy terror).  The only thing I regret, and I admit it’s silly, is that they’re {Read More}

Elise & Avery’s 4-Year Photoshoot

Our Four-Year portrait session was disastrous, which is why you haven’t seen mention of it around here.  Literally, I bought 2 sheets to prove it happened, and they’ll never get displayed. So this morning, all three kids and I headed to Cox Arboretum in Kettering and took a few of our own.  I’m pleased with how they turned out even out of the camera… but here’s hoping I actually edit them, then actually order a few for some overdue changes {Read More}