4 Months in 4 Minutes

So much has happened in the last several months, that most days when I sit down here I just stare at all the things I would have loved to have shared with you.  A few things are going to get their own entries, but in just a few minutes I’m going to catch you up on some of the less major events. Perhaps one of the biggest pieces of news is that we moved into a new house.  When our {Read More}

Oh, hey…

… did you know we went to Disney World in September?  Remember that?  Maybe I’ll start sharing some stuff from that trip.  It was, after all, the first in over a year and our son’s very first time ever.  No big deal. By the way, months ago – and I think I’ve mentioned this around here – I spent countless hours transferring all of our photos to a different site than picasa.  The whole change began when looking for a {Read More}