In addition to the aquarium, Nolan and I have joined Gymboree for play and music classes, which I had always wanted to do with Elise and Avery.  One child is so much more affordable – imagine that 🙂 The first time he walked in, it was as if his whole world changed.  You could see it in his eyes – there are things my size, and a place just for me to play instead of tagging along with my big {Read More}

3-Month Old Play

Yeah, yeah… so Nolan is actually almost 4.5 months old.  We’ve all been up to a lot though, and I have to start somewhere, right?  We’ll start with the one changing the quickest – my most-definitely-not-a-newborn boy. The bouncer seat has been officially retired, and the swing is next – hanging on just because it has a totally awesome mobile that he still adores.  But the truth is, the boy just doesn’t like being strapped in anything.  Anywhere.  He has {Read More}

Cottell Park