Portrait Update

I’ll make this short and sweet: We’ve taken lots of pictures (and had a few taken).  I have adorable kids. Here you go! The girls’ 5-year shoot, and Nolan’s (brief) 1-year — Nolan’s 15-month shoot, for which he cooperated all of 17 minutes 🙂 —   And finally, just a link to this one… but here’s a handful of shots of myself I edited for a few projects I’m working on. Seriously, those kids, right?! 🙂

Before the big birthday party…

… there was a cake smash session.  Behold, some pictures of the cutest boy I know.  Seriously, I can’t take it. The rest are in the April album here.

Christmas (Pictures) in Lebanon

In case you didn’t ever see these elsewhere, the Christmas photos I took in historic downtown Lebanon.  My kids are cute. (See them all here, if it’s easier)

Congratulations, Cassi and Grant!

This is another overdue post… but at least it’s coming closer to the engagement date than the wedding date?  Small victories. On November 18th, my sister’s then-just-boyfriend had planned an elaborate proposal event and had asked many friends and family members to help make it happen.  A couple dozen of us arrived below the Roebling on the Kentucky side while the two of them went on an unassuming date. Despite having a complete “run-through” just 48 hours before, it turned {Read More}

School Pictures and Family Portraits

These are overdue around here…. but still cute 🙂 Fall 2012

Happy New Year!

Nolan’s 3-Month Shoot

So as you recall, I am picky about photographers… and “ours” is apparently gone.  So today, relatively on a whim, I shot Nolan’s 3-month portraits.  I’m really happy with them on their own.  In fact, I’m extremely happy with them considering I was terrified of what is some photographers’ least favorite age (until 18 months I’m assuming, when the subject just runs loose like a holy terror).  The only thing I regret, and I admit it’s silly, is that they’re {Read More}

Elise & Avery’s 4-Year Photoshoot

Our Four-Year portrait session was disastrous, which is why you haven’t seen mention of it around here.  Literally, I bought 2 sheets to prove it happened, and they’ll never get displayed. So this morning, all three kids and I headed to Cox Arboretum in Kettering and took a few of our own.  I’m pleased with how they turned out even out of the camera… but here’s hoping I actually edit them, then actually order a few for some overdue changes {Read More}