Birthday Parties and Summer Fun

Being in a class with other kids had a perk the girls hadn’t thought of prior to starting preschool… all of the birthday parties! They didn’t even make it to all of them, but they got to enjoy parties at bowling parties, pump-it-up, movie theaters, and even backyard soirees with the largest piñata any of us had ever seen! We also enjoyed our summer spending time at our neighborhood pool and at Kings Island.  The girls are big enough to {Read More}

Reds Game

In keeping with tradition, we went to the Reds game with an infant during the hottest day of the summer.  It was utterly miserable, and I can’t tell you a thing that happened that had anything to do with baseball.  I know we got Gapper cups for the kids, we sweat a lot, there were a lot of tears shed, and we left so early it was hardly worth the ridiculous amount of money we spent to go. But hey, {Read More}