Marathon Weekend

So… I ran a marathon this year.  Well, I should say I ran *in* a marathon, and finished a marathon walking.  That was my initial goal, to finish upright – and that I did. Twelve hours before the race start, I had no intention of doing it.  This is so true, I’m pretty sure I had two desserts the night before, and definitely had fried food and all sorts of other non-race-friendly food for days before. Oh, and I hadn’t {Read More}

Fun Runs

That’s right, we’ve participated in several runs in the last few months and I’ve actually had fun.  At one point, I even declared that I am a runner.  Of course, tomorrow I go back to Ortho to see about an MRI for possible hip impingement and whatever the heck I did to my knee that may or may not prevent me from completing January’s race… but for now, let me be in denial for one more night.  I present you, {Read More}