Disneyland/California Feburary 27

After the night we had had previously, I was hoping everyone would sleep until 4:30 or 5 on morning 2, and had this far-flung dream of sleeping in until 6.  Nolan was in our bed at 5 and fell back asleep until 6:15, the girls and Kyle slept until 6:35!  Score! With the later waking time, it was a pretty uneventful morning before heading to the promenade to start our day at California Adventure!  It was this day that we {Read More}

Disneyland/California: February 26

Remember that alarm-setting that I mocked previously?  Yeah… Everyone slept great on our first full day – until 3:30am PST.  The time change was going to kill us!  Our track record for kids napping on vacation was quite poor, but we were still hoping to roll with the punches.  Yikes. It always feels like a long time to this family of early risers before any parks, etc open, but that rings even more true when we all wake in the middle {Read More}

Disneyland/California: February 25

About 8 hours before we were supposed to leave for the airport for our cross-country flight to California and our first trip to Disneyland, we found out that said flight was canceled!  Apparently there was a good deal of snow in Denver (isn’t there always?) and all flights there were rerouted or rescheduled.  It was not acceptable for us to get to California a whole day-and-a-half late, so I found myself on the phone – on hold for literally 3 {Read More}


I don’t have any fancy hotel pictures to share because we’re spending the next 9 or so days here: But that particular hotel is steps away – literally just across the street – from here: And we’re all going to be together for over a week. Follow on twitter or check for photos on Facebook if you want (our flight leaves tomorrow at 6am!), but otherwise we’ll update around here when we get back.  Eventually.

WDW: October 6

Our last day had arrived, but at least we still had a little while!  We finished packing and got our luggage (and ourselves) checked into the airline, and headed to Epcot by about 8:45.  It was absolutely packed again!  Once again we prepped Elise and Avery for not doing much, but it wasn’t really necessary.  They really get Disney World, and take in the atmosphere as much as the attractions – even if they’re too young to verbalize that. We {Read More}

WDW: October 5

We were up extra early on our second-to-last day to pack up our things for our departure from Old Key West.  We had booked a night at the brand new Art of Animation resort in the just-opened Little Mermaid section as a surprise for the girls for our final night! We made it to the Magic Kingdom at about 7:45 for a breakfast reservation.  It was morning extra magic hours, but there were so few people there I thought I {Read More}

WDW: October 4

Despite a nice, relaxing day and a good bedtime, the night was extremely rough – so we skipped Epcot in the morning.  Instead we just went straight to Downtown Disney when everyone was in a good mood, where Avery quickly reminded us that we needed a picture on the Winnie the Pooh bench! We also all made/chose delicious creations from Goofy’s Candy Company, which Elise and Avery thought was great.  We had a lot of fun watching them watch their {Read More}

WDW: October 3

Elise and Avery were up and ready quickly and Nolan actually slept in a bit, so we went on a walk around the resort.  We refilled mugs, explored the store, and scored some new balloon animals. Around 8:30, we were off to the Studios for a little while.  The girls got to be the special helpers to open the Voyage of the Little Mermaid show, and were unexpectedly shy.  Ariel and Eric gave them special cards, thanking them for their {Read More}

WDW: October 2

It was on this day that I had a minor meltdown – about the sweat and the rain and the fighting and the neglecting of the third child on his first trip.  I was thankful the trip was long, but sad knowing it wouldn’t be as easy to pull the girls out of school going forward, and really just struggling a bit, despite a relatively good vacation.  But since we’re focusing on the good around here, we’ll move on 😉 {Read More}

WDW: October 1 – Happy Birthday, Epcot!

That’s right, we were there for the big 30th Anniversary/Birthday celebration of one of my favorite places in the world!  If you’re reading this and that isn’t a big deal to you, just pretend – it was to us 🙂 But first things first, major itinerary changes.  We realized how difficult it was going to be to leave town as early as planned, so our ridiculous deal on flights was nullified when we changed them relatively last minute.  And to {Read More}