WCMOTC Spring Party

Easter, really? It’s almost August.  *sigh*  Oh well, they were already cute back then, too, so I press on! 🙂 We all made it to the WCMOTC Spring Party again, which now I realize as I write was probably our last twins club function since we’ve just started donating most of our stuff instead of spending hours tagging and selling it.  Interestingly, not at all bittersweet.  I’m mostly indifferent, though thankful for a couple of great friendships from there. But {Read More}

Elise and Avery at FIVE!

I can’t believe my baby girls are five years old!  Since I’m awful at updating around here, I thought at least I’d give you some idea what Avery and Elise are up to these days… Avery… … loves to color and draw and do anything crafty, taking time to be very detailed and intentional… loves to read, and can sound out just about any word as long as she has some hints on the (many) ones that like to break {Read More}

Elise and Avery’s 5th Year

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