October 2013 Recap

See here for why all of a sudden I’m a slacker. In October, obviously the cruise trip was a big deal. I’m still going to continue writing about that, but it wasn’t the only thing that happened. Nolan continued going to Gymboree Play & Music classes.  He most enjoys the bubbles, musical instruments, and the freeze dance song!   Elise got a corneal abrasion when she stabbed herself in the eye with a silly straw.  She was fine once she {Read More}

Quick Update (Otherwise)

Even aside from school, we’ve been busy around here!  In the last few weeks we’ve closed on a house, moved, become landlords, traveled a few times, married off a sister/aunt, and tried to squeeze in the usual fun stuff like swimming and playing and the necessary stuff like eating and sleeping.  Here’s a bit more of what we’ve been doing… Playing at what would become our new (now current) house Pirate Doctor. What else? ER visit.  Sick baby, seems to {Read More}