A walk down (video) memory lane… Part 3

Here’s the last of the video that I actually have ready! 🙂

A walk down (video) memory lane… Part 2

As I mentioned before, I found a stockpile of videos you haven’t seen.  Didn’t want to bombard you too much though, so expect at least another post or two 🙂 Enjoy!

A walk down (video) memory lane… Part 1

In the midst of working through some more video on imovie this week, I realized I never shared these with you!  It was a fun walk down memory lane for me (some are quite old!).  I hope you’ll enjoy it, too! There will be more to come, but I don’t want to bombard you all at once!

Elise and Avery’s 5th Year

Links to full screen mode and the actual location on the Vimeo site in the bottom right corner of the player

Camera Shy

Nolan is apparently camera shy.  The “video” below really does have a few seconds here and there where you can actually see my adorable little boy… but for the most part, he wouldn’t do squat when the camera was watching.  He – quite literally – laughs at his mama, repeatedly.  His first real laughs, elicited not by any tickling or swinging or anything but making his mama look foolish. Is this what I’m in for? 🙂

Video Update

So I don’t have a ton to share… but finally a handful of videos of late. Early tummy time at about 3.5 weeks… Storytelling, etc in early June…  Female drivers… taken just before the first crash 🙂 Nolan loves his rainforest crib toy… … and the mobile on the swing!

Meeting Nolan

Finally, some video from Elise and Avery’s first encounter with their baby brother.  Even edited it’s a good four minutes long, but if you ask me?  It’s a good four minutes.