WDW: September 27

On our first full day, we were up at 6 (why not?).  We were moving a bit slow to start, so we knew we weren’t going to make morning Extra Magic Hours at the Magic Kingdom.  Our plan changed a bit, but anymore our “plan” is very loose (ie, approximately what time we’ll get to a particular park) – so things weren’t all bad.  I did get to see an adorable older cast member catching worms on leaves to clear {Read More}

WDW: September 26

For the first time, I actually slept until my alarm went off on the day of a Disney trip!  In fact, I turned it off instead of hitting snooze, fell back to sleep, and overslept almost 15 minutes!  Strange. There was no traffic though, of course, at 4am, so we got to the Columbus airport at about 5:40am despite a closed exit ramp and unexpected detour.  I had never been so thankful for skycap and curbside check in, since we {Read More}