Snow Play

No, this isn’t a blog post in real time (related to the boatload of snow we got last night).  Instead, we are back from Disneyland (wonderful trip, thanks for asking), and I’m going to get back to work catching you up around here. Last winter, you may recall – or definitely recall if you are local – we got about zero inches of snow all winter.  Ok, maybe one.  My girls were big enough to anticipate playing in it, had {Read More}

Great Wolf Lodge Photo

We didn’t get to spend much time at the Great Wolf Lodge for the snow show, etc this year, but we did stop in for some gift cards – and for an obligatory snow chair photo or two!  🙂

Illness Update #47827

I guess I should update for posterity sake, and for those of you reading along that I don’t know or see regularly “in real life”. Last Monday, Nolan woke up pouring thick green snot out of each nostril like dueling fountains. That’s all, though – no wheezing, no retractions, no coughing. We thanked God for the advent of Pulmicort (did I ever even update here that he’s on a daily regimen now? I’ve lost track), for changing our lives now {Read More}

Cold Weather Cutie

Back in October when it was cold, Nolan was still in his Bundleme in the infant car seat.  When it got cold, he just needed an adorable assortment of hats to keep his head warm. Now that he’s moved to his convertible seat (yeah, I know there was no post on that either), he needed something warmer to go in and out of school each day, among other errands.  Sorry for the poor picture quality, but how cute is this {Read More}